"No Nation is great or good, because Parliament enacts this or that, but because its men are great and good."

Medical & Health Care

The Idea

Man is the basic thing and man-making is the fundamental work. Every kind of works from personal life to society depends on the quality of the concerned people, which is ruled by their character. Again character can also be built through practice. So we should not lose hope and try to do practice for improvement of our life.

An individual may, of course, attempt at man-making with himself or others. But, to make a serious attempt everywhere and not to leave it as casual endeavors of a few, an organized effort that will cover all parts of the country is essential. And that is the idea behind the Mahamandal.

Medical & Health Care

For treatment of poor patients, a large number of Mahamandal units are running charitable dispensaries, both allopathic and homoeopathic. In these dispensaries qualified doctors, some of whom are Mahamandal members, treat the poor patients and medicines are also supplied free of cost. About 30,000 patients are treated annually in these dispensaries. Besides this service, medical aids about 3-4 lakhs annually are provided to poor patients.

Some of the units of Mahamandal units organizes Free Eye Testing and operation camp. Some of the units provide free Health Check up camps during the year. Free medicines are also supplied to them.

Blood Donation Camp

The central organization organizes a Blood donation camp during the annual all India Youth Training Camp, where 300-400 campers donate blood. The units also organize several blood donations camps on various occasions around the year.

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